Create cupcakes that glow in the dark!

Do you want to put up a good show at your son or daughter’s next party? We have a few tips on how you can convert some ordinary recipes into really cool, light emitting, treats. A great thing about it, is that it is not unhealthy  (well apart from the sugar that is). All ingredients are just normal foods.

Glow in the dark cupcakes

A collection of glow in the dark cupcakes

One of the secrets is to use tonic water in your recipe. This is because tonic water contains the substance called quinine. This substance can be found in the core of a pineapple, among others. It lights up when you expose it to a black light. This effect is called fluorescence. Real glow in the dark products, which can emit light in the dark without the need of a black light, also use this effect. Only in that case it is called phosphorescence, because the effect lasts longer. Unfortunately, real glow in the dark materials are not suitable for use in food.

Glow in the dark cupcakes

Diping cupcake in jelly

Dipping a cupcake with frosting, into a glow in the dark jelly dip made with tonic water.

Use your favorite cupcake recipe or buy a packet mix in the supermarket. You also need a frosting to give the cake it’s glow in the dark effect. Make sure that you add a few teaspoons of tonic water while preparing the frosting. If you want to be absolutely sure that the cupcakes will light up strongly, then do the following: create some jelly in which you substitute half of the water with tonic water. Now dip every cupcake shortly in the jelly. In UV light, these cakes will look stunning.

Glow in the dark ice cream

Another great trick that you can use to make food glow is chlorophyll. When you hold this under a black light, the green color will change into bright red. A good source of chlorophyll is mint, which tastes very good in combination with chocolate ice cream. That happens to be something that most kids like. You can buy the ice cream in the supermarket so we will only explain how you can make the mint sauce.

Prepare half a cup of chopped mint. Put it into a saucepan plus a cup of milk and slowly bring it to boil. Meanwhile, whip 2 yolks with 5 oz of sugar. Also make some whipped cream from one cup. Now let the pan cool for 2 minutes. Whisk in the yolks and finally the whipped cream. Now you have a delicious sauce that you can pour over the ice cream. Turn off the lights, turn on the UV light and your ice cream will look great.

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