Going to party!? Buy some glow sticks!

Do you want to get noticed when you are going to party next weekend? In that case buy some glow sticks with your friends and bring them along. These are rods as big as a large marker and they emit light when cracked. With this cool accessory you and your friends will certainly steal the show.

Practical uses

Collection of glow sticks

Different types of glow sticks. Used for decoration or as a light source.

The sticks are not only very suitable as a party gimmick. There are also many other reasons to buy them. For example, most people use them as a light source. In this case they are put to use during military missions or by fishermen during nighttime. They might even use them as lure. By way of explaination, the sticks are not vulnerable to water or the wind. It is even possible to use them on great depths while diving.

How does it work?

The effect is caused by a chemical reaction. The outer stick contains a smaller one and each contains it’s own fluid. When the stick is bent, the inner rod will break and the two substances will blend. This will cause a chemical reaction to occur, which converts the two liquids into light and a by-product. When the reaction is completed the rod will stop glowing. It is important that you do not pierce or rupture the container because the chemicals can pose a risk to your health. It should be pointed out however that, when used properly, there is no risk.

Emergency situations

We advise everyone to keep a set of these sticks in the house at all times. In case of some catastrophe these are the only safe light source because they do not generate any sparks and do not need to be kindled. Often there is an expiration date on the packaging but most of the time they can be used long after that. However when used, they can not be reused and can then be disposed.

Additional information

When the stick is activated it will glow for a few hours. Although, the first half hour the stick is at it’s brightest. Some people say that when you put a glow stick in the freezer when it is still glowing you can expand it’s lifetime. This is because the chemical reaction will pause and resumes when it is defrosted. The opposite is also told to be true. When you would expose the stick to a heat source, the reaction would speed up and cause the light to become brighter. However we advise against it as it may explode as result of the pressure build up.

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