Hand out glow necklaces at your next party!

Throwing a party soon? Make sure you hand out glow necklaces at the door! This way your party will get even more spectacular and colorful. Your guests can wear them as a necklace but also as a headband or bracelet. There are even more ways of wearing them so be creative!


Chain of glow in the dark necklaces

Glow in the dark necklaces linked together.

Glow necklaces are being sold as long tubes with a connector attached to one ending. That way you can easily lock them or you can join multiple necklaces together to make a long chain.

You can buy them per piece but it is often more cost-effective to buy them in a box containing for example 50 pieces. Such a box will cost around 20 to 25 dollars.

Other uses

Pile of glow in the dark bracelets

The necklaces are also available in a shorter version that can be used as bracelet.

Apart from using them as a necklace they are also very suitable for beautifying the interior of your house. If you put them in a glass vase for example it will look amazing. Or you can decorate the garden furniture on a warm summer night. At Halloween it is very cool to use them as a nice touch to your costume. We challenge you to invent some more ways of putting them to use in the comments and maybe we will add them to this article.

Make some money

Also often seen are people who will sell them during events to raise money for a cause. For example, if you sell them for one dollar each, more than half of it is left as profit. Of course you can also make money of your own by roaming the sidewalk cafes in the weekends. If you are a good salesperson you can earn a reasonable amount of money.

Glow duration

A glow in the dark necklace will glow for approximately 8 to 12 hours but there is a trick which enables you to use them even longer. If you put them in the freezer before the glowing effect wears off you can defrost them at a later time and continue using them. When they are burnt-out you can not use them again and can be disposed then.

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