Hang your notes on the wall with magnetic paint

Who doesn’t know them, those magnets that you can use to put notes on the refridgerator. However, many times the refridgerator doesn’t have enough space to hang the notes adjacently. Wouldn’t it be nice if you could do the same thing on the wall. This gives you more space and enables you to organize your notes in a better way. The only question is, how do you pull this off. Well, the answer is: by using magnetic paint.

Where to buy magnetic paint

There are a lot of stores that sell this paint. Many people complain that the paint is not powerful enough or impossible to stir. Others are more positive and say that the strength increases if you apply it in multiple layers. Because there is no paint that is superiour to the others we have made a comparison chart. This allows you to find the paint that best meets your wishes.

Product name
Content (fl oz)
Price/fl oz
Positive review
Negative review
Rust-Oleum Specialty Magnetic PrimerWalmart$19.9730$0.67"I almost didn't buy the magnetic primer based on reviews but I'm glad I did. We followed the directions on the paint can and were very careful to make sure we made a smooth finish with a foam roller. I was so excited to see my wood magnets stick to the painted area in the morning." source"I applied almost the entire can to a section of the wall, about 3x4 feet long. This meant almost 10 coats. Despite that many coats, the strength of the magnetic wall is super weak and just barely holds any magnets for my kids and their magnetic toys. Much of it slides down." source
Martha Stewart Crafts Martha Stewart Magnetic Effect PaintKmart$6.994$1.75"I taped off a 14" x 56" rectangle and first painted it with 2 coats of the paint which used up the entire container - it is some really thick and gloopy paint - but of course myself and a couple of friends all squealed in delight when it actually held magnets :)" source"Tried this paint to create magnetic letters for a board. Followed the instructions directly and there is no magnetic quality at all. Quite a disappointment as I ruined a significant amount of supplies, because the paint is very thick and does not sand off easily." source
Magic Wall Magnetic Paint: One QuartOnline Science Mall$33.9932$1.06"Does what it says. I was greedy and put on about 4 coats on a wall in our kitchen for notes and such. I then sanded it lightly and put on 4 coats of chalkboard paint, and it works excellently." source"I purchased 2 cans to cover a wall and both were lumpy and very difficult to stir. We stirred for 15 to 20 minutes trying to get the lumps out then decided it must be the way the paint was supposed to be. We put it on the wall and it was terrible - the texture was almost like stucco on the outside of our house. The little sponge in the box was difficult to use and created streaks in the paint." source
Krylon Magnetic Aerosol Magnetic Spray PaintTCP Global$8.9813 oz$0.69 / oz"After reading some of the previous reviews, I was not expecting much out of the product. But it worked for me! I was building a child size refrigerator for my granddaughters and wanting the front of the door to hold magnets. I used the whole can on an area of about 3 square feet then put 2 coats of paint over it. It doesn't hold like real metal but worked fine for small magnets like you put on refrigerators." source"Biggest waste of money. Followed directions to the letter. Five coats in a 1' x 1' square and still zippo!! Even a flat, magnetized business card wouldn't stick." source
Magnetic Receptive Wall Paint - One QuartHardware World$24.0832$0.75"I painted an entire wall with this. It went on easily. I applied 3 coats to the majority of the wall and all magnets stick. In the areas where I only put on 2 coats, only lightweight magnets work. The primer is very dark. I painted a medium blue over it and the wall looks great." sourceCouldn't find one. However every positive review mentions that there are at least two layers needed.

How to use this paint

Pictures on a wall with magnetic paint

With a magnetic wall you can hang up your pictures without damaging the paint.

Before you start, it is important that you stir it well. Please note that the paint is thicker than normal paint which makes it harder to stir. When the paint is stirred you can begin with painting. It is advisable to spread the paint well and apply it in thin layers. This is because the paint tends to clot.

Check after every layer with a magnet if the paint is strong enough. If not, continue with applying more layers until the magnets remain in place. When you are ready, it is possible to apply a final top layer with ordinary paint to hide the fact that the wall is magnetic.

In that case, first apply an extra magnetic layer to make sure that the magnets will still have enough attractive force.

What to do with this paint

Many people use the paint to create a magnetic chalkboard. This is done by first applying the paint in multiple layers and after that a layer of special paint is applied that can be written on with chalk sticks. It is also possible to make a giant magnetic chessboard or just a place to display drawings. If you buy a box of magnetic letters, you can also use the paint to teach your children how to spell properly. In other words, the possibilities are endless. Do you know other fun ways of using it, let us know in the comments.

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