Reflective paint makes things visible in the dark

Reflective paint is used to make objects visible that would otherwise be invisible in the dark. Some examples are signs, road markings, bollards etc. The paint lights up brightly when it is illuminated by e.g. the headlight of a car. As a result of this, it is possible to have highways without lighting.

How does reflective paint work

The paint works on the same way as the eyes of a cat that glow in the dark. In fact the paint contains a lot of tiny glass spheres. They are just a little bigger than the thickness of the paint layer which causes them to protrude a little. If this was not the case, the spheres would have almost no effect.

Environmental issues

It is often said that these kinds of tiny spheres or microbeads are bad for the environment. This is because they are too small to be filtered out of the water. As a consequence of this, the particles end up in the seas. However this discussion is mainly about synthetic particles. We could not find articles that mention that microbeads of glass could also be dangerous.

Where to buy reflective paint

To make it easy we have collected the most populair products for you. By clicking on one of the links you will be redirected to the cheapest supplier that we could find on this moment for that particular product. Please consider that the prices may have been changed since the writing of this article.

Net weight
Price per oz
RUST-OLEUM 214944 10oz Reflective Paint$5.3710 oz$0.54rust-oleum-214944-10oz-reflective-paint
Rust-Oleum - 223884 - Clear Reflective Aerosol Paint$12.9512 oz$1.08rust-oleum-223884-clear-reflective-aerosol-paint
Duplicolor NL100 Duplicolor Clear Reflective Nite Lites Aerosol Spray$12.257 oz$1.75duplicolor-nl100-duplicolor-clear-reflective-nite-lites-aerosol-spray
Krylon K09955 Glass Sphere Clear Industrial Reflect-A-Lite Reflective$10.6212 oz$0.89krylon-k09955-glass-sphere-clear-industrial-reflect-a-lite-reflective

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