Want something cool? Try a glow in the dark tattoo!

Looking for some cool tattoo ideas? Then we know just the right thing for you! Since approximately 10 years, there has been a gradual increase of people with glow in the dark tattoos. What is cooler than being in the disco with beautiful drawings on your body that light up in the dark! Everybody will be blown away by your cool tattoos.

Different versions

Glow in the dark skeleton tattoo

Someone with a glow in the dark tattoo applied on his hand.

If you desire this kind of tattoo then you have two options. There is a version where the tattoo only lights up under a black light, but it is also possible to choose for the real glow in the dark ink which is also visible without a black light. That is, if you are in a dark environment.

While applying the tattoo the tattooer will, depending on which alternative is chosen, use a black light or an unlit room to see what he is drawing. It is possible by the way to mix the ink with a dye so that the drawings can be as colorful as a normal tattoo. Furthermore there are reports that it should be possible to apply the ink on existing conventional tattoos.

The tattoos are not entirely invisible at daylight as the skin might react in different ways to the ink. So please consider that before you decide to get one.

Black light ink

When choosing which kind of tattoo ink you want to use it is mandatory that you understand the risks. The black light version used to be known for causing skin rashes because of the phosphorus components. Additionally there are still concerns that it might be carcinogenic. However, recently a company released a new invention that should make these discomforts and health risks something of the past. The invention makes it possible to enclose the ink inside very small capsules that separates it from the body. They are made of PMMA which is used for prosthetics and implants for decades. So we could regard it as a safe material.

Difference day and night of a glow in the dark tattoo

Comparison of what a glow in the dark tattoo looks like at day and night.

Glow in the dark ink

There are not many shops that will offer this ink (the one that is visible without black light). The reason for this is that it is not well known what the long term effects are of injecting phosphors in the skin. Glow in the dark particles used to be very toxic anyway. Nowadays there is also a much safer alternative called strontium aluminate. However, putting it under the skin is a completely different story and needs more research. It must be mentioned that the FDA has never approved any tattoo ink (conventional or glow in the dark) so regarding this, we can not tell whether this ink is more dangerous than its normal counterpart.


While it could be hard to find a tattoo shop in your neighbourhood that does this kind of tattoos, it seems that they are gaining popularity. This is partly because famous people like Lindsay Lohan, Khloe Kardashian and Lil Wayne also got them. If you know a shop that offers these special tattoos, please let us know in the comments.

Disclaimer: this information could be inaccurate. Therefore we can not be held accountable for consequences of decisions that were made as a result of reading this article.

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