Where to buy glow in the dark shoes?

Glow in the dark shoes have been available since as early as the nineties. Since then, different versions have been released by the major brands. After seeing a selection of pictures we must say that we are pleasantly surprised by the look of these shoes. They certainly can match normal sneakers in terms of their appearance. In this article we will discuss the more notable pairs of the past and take a look at the current range.

Our favorites from the past

New Balance MT576S BAMBOO RAKE

Pair of MT576S BAMBOO RAKE shoes

A pair of New Balance MT576S BAMBOO RAKE shoes, glowing in the dark.

In april 2009 a very special shoe called the MT576S BAMBOO RAKE was released. It was born out of a collaboration between New Balance (an American shoe manufacturer), Mita (a Japanese shoe shop) and Frat (a creative collective from Tokyo).

This particular shoe is actually one of many renditions of the populair M576 sneaker from the late eighties. It also has some elements of the MT580. The shoes are produced exclusively for Mita. Even the design was partially made by their principal designer who goes by the name of Sneaker Wolf.

Converse All Star Owari-Shippo Hi

Converse All Star Owari-Shippo Hi

The Converse All Star Owari-Shippo Hi during daylight.

One of the brightest glow in the dark shoes of all time must be the Converse All Star Owari-Shippo Hi. During the day they look just like normal sneakers albeit somewhat cooler. But in the dark the shoe lights up entirely with a high intensity. Again these shoes were only available via a Japanese retailer (UNDEFEATED), but it seems that they are no longer for sale. Maybe you can still find them on some other websites like eBay.

Current collection

If want to buy glow in the dark shoes now, you are in luck. There are still many brands that offer them. We have assembled a list for you with the nicest models.

Customizable Converse shoes

Screenshot of Converse's shoe designer

Screenshot of the shoe design feature of the Converse webshop.

Converse has a nice feature in their webshop. It enables you to the adjust the shoe to your own taste. Among the customizable shoes are two glow in the dark editions. These are the Converse GLOW Hi and the Converse GLOW ox. Apart from choosing the colors and a custom logo you can also decide which parts of the shoe should glow. They cost only 70 dollars per pair. So if you are a sneaker fan, do yourself a favor and buy them. Here is a link to their website.

Custom Nike LunarTR1 shoes

Nike iD shoe customizer

Design your own shoe with the Nike iD shoe customizer.

Our other favorite is the light emitting version of the Nike LunarTR1 training shoe. This shoe is already the most populair training shoe that Nike has for sale, but with the glow in the dark features they are even cooler. To get these effects, you have to use the Nike iD shoe customizer.

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